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Welcome to Good Mourning Ministry.  We are a Catholic Bereavement Apostolate and a resource for Catholic churches and people who are mourning the loss of a loved one. This website is designed to be informative and helpful as it is why we are here, called to do God’s work. We encourage you to watch the short video on this page.

If grief is the internal thoughts and emotions you have when you lose someone or something important, then mourning is the outward expression, the actions you take, the feelings you express.  Grief is a natural reaction, mourning is a learned behavior. Our culture from long ago practiced mourning rituals, but sadly, in our do-it-fast-world, we seem to have lost our ways to mourn.  

No two hearts ache alike. The mourning process is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are no tidy stages to grief. Grief is not passive, it requires intention and action. Grief is an always evolving and potentially transformative process. With a beginning for sure, but not an end. Grief gradually melts into your life, like ice on a lake. It becomes part of who you are. 

At the Grieving with Great Hope workshop, feelings are acknowledged and validated. Strangers become friends. Healing tears are shed. Things are learned and unlearned. Through the Holy Spirit, you are led to Christ, the great healer. You are put back in control. You  become bridge a builder. And one by one you  assemble the planks that are unique to your story. And when you are ready, the path is there that you built, and it leads you into a new and different life.       

Grieving with Great Hope will not take away all of your pain, it will help you experience the fullness of it. This approach to grief is prayerful, practical and personal. It requires you to be an active participant. Over time  you come to realize that you are not alone. Over time you come to realize strengths you never knew you had. Over time, you see the end of one road is the beginning of another. And through God's grace, you will find your way. 

God bless and welcome. Do not  grieve like others do, who have no hope.

With blessings,

John and Sandy

                                                                                                              Good Mourning Ministry Inc.


Last updated       05.04.2016
Good Mourning Ministry ~ A Catholic Bereavement Apostolate
Prayerful, Practical, Personal Grief Support

​The Grieving with Great Hope DVD Series includes two actual sessions filmed in church at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth Michigan. It also includes practical teachings from John and Sandy. There is time allocated for 25 minute grief peer group discussions. This is a Catholic alternative to the Grief Share program. Click DVD Series tab for more information. 
"Let us become bearers of Hope." Pope Francis
"Every parish should have your program. We had a couple of participants from a couple of towns away attend and they hope to talk to their pastor about bringing GWGH there! So comprehensive, you did all the work for us! We are so grateful we found your beautiful program and welcome it to central Texas!"
Deacon Tim and Liz Hayden, Holy Family Parish, Copperas Cove Texas.