"Not sure what to expect. So glad I came." Ellen Doran- 2018
"Thank you so very much." Jeana Elmore- 2018
" Wonderful experience." Ed Ivone- 2018
"I was not sure I needed this, but as each week unfolded, I found out this was exactly what I needed." Rose Marie Hartman- Monroe- 2017
"Thank you so much. I'm  glad I came." Jennifer Balde. St. Irenaeus 2016
" Thank you John and Sandy for listening to God and working to create this ministry. Meg Sanabria
"I cried the first night but looked forward to coming back. Very practical and comprehensive information I can relate to." Kristi Smiles- Lake Orion 2016
"I found ways to acknowledge, express and share my thoughts and feelings with family and friends." Leon Debien-Lake Orion 2016
"I'm very grateful I attended. You both had such wonderful words and stories. You gave us lots of tools to help us along our journey." Felicia Worth- Cabrini 2016
"I was overall touched my this workshop and learned a lot about the grieving process. I learned everyone has a particular journey and the workshop gives tools to work on the healing. You're left with great hope, that down the road joy and peace await with the help of grace." Sr. Christine St. Michael's 2016
"I feel this workshop is a good starting point for me to face my loss (child) and begin learning how to mourn. The workbook is a terrific reference for future needs. John and Sandy were very relatable." Maureen Donahue- St. Michael's 2016
"Even though son passed September 4, 2015, I feel as if I have reached the place of letting go of the grief and gaining the life of LIGHT!! The light of faith... Charlene Rzeppa- St. Paul 2015
"I really appreciated the opportunity to spend time with other people who are all going through loss like we are.  John and Sandy's experiences bring relevance and credibility to these sessions. Their faith and hope gives me confidence that I can get to a better place as time goes on." Dan Courtright- St. Paul 2015
  "I feel I have learned how to deal with the emotions I'm feeling and that there are steps T can take and things I can do that will help ease the pain when I feel hopeless. I think the Seven Intentions of Mourning will help bring healing." Rosanne Courtright St. Paul 2015
  "Thank you so much. God is good to have led me to you this day."Barbara Papp OLGC Fall 2015 
   "Talking with one another was very good." John Finkbeiner- Holy Family-Caledonia- Fall 2015
   "Very good information. Love the faith base, as I feel faith is how we move through grief with hope." Rachel Kowatch- Holy Family- Caledonia- Fall 2015
 "After today I understand I've been going the wrong way and will use this experience to start in a different direction." Emma Chen- OLGC fall 2015
"Thank you so much. God is good to have led me to you this day."Barbara Papp- OLGC- Fall 2015-
"You have restored my hope. Thank you." Megan Luther." St. Michael's- Lent 2015
"I recommend this workshop to anyone. I love how faith is combined with the latest research." Phil Sattler- St Michael's Lent 2015
"I loved this workshop...I will do it again." Mike Kovalcheck- St. Michael- Lent 2015
"The positive comments continue to remind me that can there be life after loss." Gwyneth Dugliss- St. Frances Cabrini- Lent 2015
"It was very helpful." Janet Wright- St. Frances Cabrini- Lent 2015
"I came in alone and left with new friends. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart." Sandy Noland- St. Frances Cabrini-Lent 2015
"I am so grateful for this workshop and the blessings that John and Sandy are to the Catholic faith. Through their own experinece they have found God's plan for them in helping others. They are caring and compassionate to everyone." Vicky Flesch- SJN Sunbury Ohio- December 2014
"Very helpful- affirmation of some the things I have done. It gave good information I can start or continue to do." Joyce Dobson- SJN Sunbury OH- December 2014
"This was very helpful. It's been 3 1/2 years since I lost my husband and I never took the time to do any grief support. I am so thankful to have a solidly Catholic ministry." Nancy Forman- SNJ Sunbury Ohio- December 2014
John and Sandy did such a nice job of presenting the information from their own experience and making it personal." Mia Byrne- OLGC Fall 2014
"I was able to identify the work I need to do in my grief journey. Thank you for your great work, the Holy Spirit is so present in this program." Laura Falzon- OLGC Fall 2014
"Grieving with Great Hope gave me great hope to see a light at the end of a dark tunnel." Rita Kliza- OLGC Fall 2014
"It was the best workshop ever." Rosanne Bradbury- St. Priscilla Fall 2014
"Thank you for creating and facilitating a safe place to experience and grow from sadness." Mary Belanger- St. Joseph Lake Orion- June 2014
"Several people told me how much it was worth the time. I totally agree and will recommend to others." Joyce Wooden- St. Joseph- Lake Orion- June 2014
"This workshop exceeded my expectations. I loved how the Catholic faith was woven into the latest research on grief and mourning. By dispelling the misconceptions of grief, our group was able to openly share their grief. I will put what I have learned into my professional counseling as well as my personal toolbox." Cherelle Putz- St. Joseph- Lake Orion- June 2014
"I have begun to feel like I am coming out of feeling "stuck" in this process and filling up my time with work instead of just being in the silence and letting God speak to me. Thank you for your dedication to this ministry. I hope to encourage my grandfather to attend a future workshop. I will be there for him and love to return someday!" Rachel Cwiek -St. Michael's April 2014
“You covered every area I needed help with.” Adele Blust- St. Irenaeus- Rochester Hills March 2014
“This is my 1st workshop and I am so thankful my friend invited me. This is an amazing ministry and I pray for your continued commitment to it. Keep up the great work.” Lois Clark- St. Irenaeus- Rochester Hills March 2014
“This workshop is very helpful on the journey to healing. It makes me feel less alone, and as if my parish family really is present in time of trouble. Thank you so very much for the days.” Pat Pillot- St. Irenaeus- Rochester Hills March 2014
Wonderful experience, an opportunity to share in a non-judgmental environment. Good insightful questions to challenge me.” Deacon Chris Booms- St. Joseph- South Lyon- Feb 2014
 “Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Thank you for responding to the question, ‘Lord, what do you want me to do with this?’ You responded and developed this program to help others and I am so thankful. I will pray for your ministry.” Theresa Booms- St. Joseph- South Lyon- Feb 2014
“My stress level seems lighter. I thought sharing with my group was beautiful. I feel like I have a plan now and goals I want to achieve to move forward.” Julie Jakimius- St. Francis- Winter 2014
“This workshop far exceeded my expectations.” Lori Crall- St. Francis- Winter 2014
“It was wonderful to listen to you guys and talk with other people in group. I feel more at peace than I have in a while and I’m ready to build that bridge.” Karen Fowler- St. Francis- Winter 2014
"It was very nice to sit back, hear someone say out loud what I was thinking and be able to read it in the workbook. This made it very easy to understand what I’m going through. Thank you! God bless you and your family. Nicole Fowler- St. James “It was extremely helpful and wonderful! Thank you so much.” Joanna Bielenin-St. Francis- Winter 2014
 "Validating, supportive information and Catholic based. Just what I needed.” Barbara Kelly- Ferris -St. Francis- Winter 2014
“I neglected to thank you personally at the end of the workshop at St. Joseph. Your program has helped me immensely in coping with the death of my sister. I have participated in other grief support programs before but this is the first one that included prayer and the blessing that came at the end. It was very comforting.” Laura Olesko- St. Joseph- Fall 2013
"More people should be aware of this ministry. Very comforting." Jeanette McLearen- Ss. Cyril and Methodius- Fall 2013
"John and Sandy were very understanding and real. They have been there themselves." Roger Lobataille- Ss. Cyril and Methodius- Fall 2013
"Keep up your sincere and blessed ministry. Blessings and prayers for the future of your work." Carol Sharer- Ss. Cyril and Methodius- Fall 2013
“I am very glad that I had the opportunity to attend this workshop. I had some bottled up grief and was having trouble coping with it. I have found some useful tools to help me get through this.” Judy Boyer-St. Joseph-Fall 2013
“So very grateful that grief support is available. Wish I would have done it sooner.” Louise Siekirk- St. Joseph-Fall 2013
"Thank you for being ministers of hope and healing to those who are journeying through the valley of grief. Your ministry provides light for those on the journey as well as care, comfort, and understanding. Grieving with Great Hope beautifully combines practical wisdom, personal sharing, and meaningful ritual that together point people back to Christ for healing of their hearts. Thank you for partnering with God in this important ministry." Kathy Hasty, Pastoral Associate-St. Joseph- Lake Orion
"God bless you both for the ministry you started and for touching so many lives.” Gloria Bills- St. Priscilla-Fall 2013
 “Thank you for sharing your story. You both are doing a beautiful ministry. It has been so helpful.” Chris Nguyen-St. Priscilla-Fall 2013
 “I’m not sure exactly why, but I felt like I left some of my heavy heart behind. I felt lighter when evening was over.” Pat Harkins-St. Priscilla-Fall 2013
"I admire your courage and dedication to rise up above your own pain and tears to minister and give hope to others who mourn the loss of loved ones. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and guide your steps as He works powerfully through Grieving with Great Hope." Janice Gibb- Christ the Redeemer
"Thank you for being there. I now have the tools to get me through." Susanne Rice-Christ the Redeemer-Spring 2013
"This gave me hope." Toni Kelley-Christ the Redeemer-Spring 2013
"John and Sandy, you are two kind and very supportive counselors. You surely did a nice job." Linda Burger-Christ the Redeemer-Spring 2013
"You gave me the tools I needed." Denise Swanson-Christ the Redeemer-Spring 2013
"Thank you for all the work you and Sandy put into this program." Cathy Carlton-St. Michael-Winter 2013
"Very good, you have really helped me out." Patti Crowley-St. Michael-Winter 2013
"This is truly a wonderful tool to point the bereaved to the True Healer!" Dianne Fessler-St. Michael- Winter 2013
"It was good to come even though I didn't think it would help." Ann Darcy- St. Joe's South Lyon- Winter 2013
"This gave me a solid path to follow." Chris Ricard-St. Joe's- South Lyon- Winter 2013
"Thank you from my heart to yours. God bless you both for doing what you do to help others." Linda Thompson- OLGC-Winter 2012
"Thank for this most needed workshop. I will recommend too many." Terri Walker- OLGC-Winter 2012
"Thank you so much for bringing the bereaved together to share, feel, pray and find hope in God's loving embrace." Charles Graski- OLGC-Winter 2012
"This was a gift, a gift from you, the others attending and a gift to myself. I am confident that I will be ok, I will find a new way of being." Jennifer Fitzsimmons- OLGC Winter 2012
"Grieving with Great Hope offers those of us devastated by loss a new map, a way to navigate through a time that is very different from the way we had planned. This book can bring great comfort to the reader at a time when comfort is very elusive".Dr. Mary Eleanor Mitsch PhD RN Madonna University
"This is the second time I have attended. I first time I was in shock and I hardly remember anything. I feel so much better and am able to be thankful for the time we had together. God bless you are your ministry." Mary Zelenock- OLGC- Winter 2012
"This workshop influenced my healing greatly." Joanne Hamlin- St. Paul-Fall 2012
"It was good to have our pastor share his bereavement. Prayer is essential and it was reiterated in this course. " Helena Thurber- St. Paul-Fall 2012
"I know more about grief and how to cope." Ed Lau-St Raphael- Fall 2012
"I really enjoyed the sessions, John and Sandy are very good presenters." Jacqueline Hayes- St Raphael- Fall 2012
"This gave me hope." Barbara Roe-St Raphael- Fall 2012
"The balance of taught material, home reading of the book, its exercises and group discussions flowed together to make the most of each component. I am looking forward to next weeks rituals." Merry Herdell-OLV Spring 2012
"I really appreciate your ministry and feel it is very necessary in all our lives. I feel I am better equipped to deal with my own grief and ideally be a stronger resource for others."  Dan Donohue-OLV Spring 2012
"My praying for help paid off. It led me to my doctor, who led me to Joan Darrow who led me to this workshop.� Sharon Preston- OLV Spring 2012
"I feel so much better in the last few weeks. You are a wonderful couple." Rose Wosek - Holy Family Spring 2012
"I feel comforted and less anxious" Cindy Braeuner -Holy Family Spring 2012
"Very worthwhile." Doug Williams- Holy Family Spring 2012
"I have passed on the emails from your wonderfully appreciated ministry to friends. Your book is beautifully written" Mary Oberts -Holy Family Spring 2012
"Very helpful! Great information and compassionate people involved!  Cheryl Desjarlais- OLGC Spring 2012
"I felt more support these last five weeks than I have in the prior five months. Robert A. Fucinari- OLGC Spring 2012 "
"I have been in therapy, 12 step groups and other healing groups; this is near the top of what I've been in and I think it would be helpful for many other kinds of loss."  Abbie Root- OLGC Spring 2012
"Thank you for your genuine, caring spirits and willingness to share your grief journeys with us. May God continue to bless you both as you help more people."  Mary Trefney-St Mike's March 2012
"Thank you for helping me on my journey." Janet Orgovan-St Mike's March 2012
"This will be with me the rest of my life." Jim Crowley- St. Mike's 2012
"Thank you for your incredible ministry and comfort you have given our family. It has strengthened us for the uncharted journey ahead."  Carol and Marty- OLGC-Oct 2011
"After a year and a half of crying every day, I have found myself in emptiness. That closing ceremony blew it out for me.  Thank you so much. You two are a great inspiration.  May God richly bless you and your love for each other, your family and others." Caroline Pribble OLGC-Oct 2011
"I so enjoyed these last four weeks.  I met people that I hope to stay in touch with and know that I will never forget.  Fr. John is truly an amazing man and I feel he really does know something that the rest of us don't know.  I would recommend this to any one in pain.  I am better having done this program." Connie DiMarco- OLGC Oct -2011
"It was very helpful." Richard Byrd OLGC-2011 
"Excellent! Thank you!"  Michelle Schmidt OLGC- Oct 2011

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Good Mourning Ministry
Prayerful, Practical, Personal Grief Support.

"I CRIED the first night but I looked forward to coming back." Kristi Smiles
"I was overall touched by this workshop and learned a lot about the grieving process. I learned everyone has a particular journey and the workshop gives tools to work on the healing. You're left with great hope, that down the road joy and peace await with the help of Grace." Sr. Christine
"I really appreciated the opportunity to spend time with other people who are all going through loss like we are. John and Sandy's experiences bring relevance and credibility to these sessions. Their faith and hope gives me confidence that I can get to a better place as time goes on." Dan Courtright

"Thank you so much. GOD is good to have led me to you this day. "
Barbara Papp
  "Very good information. Love the FAITH base, as I feel faith is how we move through grief with hope." Rachel Kowatch
"I recommend this workshop to anyone. I love how faith is combined with the latest research." Phil Sattler
"I came in alone and left with new FRIENDS. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Sandy Noland
    "This was very helpful. It's been 3 1/2 years since I lost my husband and I never took the time to do any grief support. I am so thankful to have a solidly CATHOLIC ministry." Nancy Forman
"I loved this workshop...I will do it again." Mike Kovalcheck
"The thing the Church needs most, is the ability to heal wounds."
                        Pope Francis

"Excellent. Would highly recommend. Wish I'd known about this workshop a few years ago." Carrie Reichin
“The workshop was professionally done. You can tell that this ministry has grown with the love of Christ and His mercy. John and Sandy speak from the heart and it is so nice to see how God restored their lives for the purpose of the Body of Christ.” Dennis Orlewicz
"This workshop exceeded my expectations" Mary Kemmerling
It is a significant blessing to hear your report of all your good work in bringing Christ to those who mourn and bringing those who mourn to Christ." The Most Rev Archbishop Allen Vigneron
Grieving with Great Hope gives people who are mourning the loss of a loved a path through the valley of grief. It connects people with people, here on earth and on their way home. And in the end, we are all lead to the Great Healer, Jesus Christ in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament." Fr. John Riccardo- Pastor OLGC in Plymouth
"As a Pastor, I have celebrated hundreds of Funeral Liturgies and have always wanted to offer Catholic grief support to the thousands of people who were friend or family to the person who died. "Grieving with Great Hope" uses Jesus as a role model on how to grieve. It beautifully blends the richness of the Catholic faith and its rituals, with practical tools and personal fellowship that help people transform their loss and begin to heal their wounds." 
Fr. Dave Sizemore, Pastor at St. John Neumann, Sunbury Ohio

"There were days I didn't want to come...but I was always glad I did."       Carolyn Manning
    "I learned that even though I came to this workshop because I lost my husband of 47 years, I realized that the loss of my 21-year-old daughter due to suicide was still a pain I carried in my heart. Jesus carried me through both losses." Karen Guerreso
"I came to this workshop completely lost. I was looking for direction. A path. This workshop really helped me do that."
John Raasch
"Thank you. God bless you both." Sandra Bozer
"Wonderful. It helped me learn how to grieve and mourn." Heather Trinkle
"I must say I enjoyed it. It took much mental energy to come the first night, not knowing if I wanted to open my wounds with others. But I'm glad I did. I thank God for the opportunity." Patricia Coughin
"Taking time to attend this workshop required me to start dealing with my grief." Kenneth Bartos
“I am so proud of myself for coming here! You gave me hope. Thank you and God bless.” Denise Ciambarello
““Excellent! I don’t feel at hopeless as I did yesterday. Thank you for your mission. You are both living examples that I will find happiness again. I’m so glad I came.” Joan Trentman
“I smiled for first time this week. John mentioned Friday night that we might even smile tomorrow. I thought, not me. Thanks John and Sandy.” Phyllis Dwyer
“Thank you John and Sandy for coming to our parish.” Jeannette Frantz
“I searched the internet looking for a Catholic workshop/grief support. I found your website and called to sign-up immediately, I’m so glad I did and look forward to helping others within my own parish community. Worth the trip from Florida!” Patti Schmidt
“The workshop was a lovely reinforcement that we are all part of the Body of Christ and can help each other, lift each other, laugh with each other, cry with each other and love one another.” Dorothy Phillips