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Prayerful, Practical and Personal Grief Support​​

“I searched the internet looking for a ​​Catholic workshop/grief support. I found your website and called to sign-up immediately, I’m so glad I did and look forward to helping others within my own parish community. Worth the trip from Florida!” Patti Schmidt​

​​"I came to this workshop completely lost. I was looking for direction. A path. This workshop really helped me do that."
John Raasch

"I am so grateful to John and Sandy for walking with Jeanie and I through the tragic loss of our son, Joe.  They helped us honor him and our grief, helping us learn to mourn.  So grateful to God for the healing He started through this ministry entrusted to them."  Dcn. Steve Mitchell

GRACE ​(Testimonials)​

“It was very helpful to receive the information you gave and meet the people attending the workshop.”
Rose Cipriano

​​"I loved this workshop." ​​
Mike Kovalcheck"

"I came in alone and left with new FRIENDS. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Sandy Noland​​

​​“I smiled for first time this week. John mentioned Friday night that we might even smile tomorrow. I thought, not me. Thanks John and Sandy.”
Phyllis Dwyer

"The workshop was a lovely reinforcement that we are all part of the Body of Christ and can help each other, lift each other, laugh with each other, cry with each other and love one another.”
Dorothy Phillips

"This was very helpful. It's been 3 1/2 years since I lost my husband and I never took the time to do any grief support. I am so thankful to have a ​​solidly CATHOLIC ministry."
Nancy Forman​

"Thank you both for your ministry." 
Connie Annderson

“The workshop was professionally done. You can tell that this ministry has grown with the love of Christ and His mercy. John and Sandy speak from the heart and it is so nice to see how God restored their lives for the purpose of the Body of Christ.” Dennis Orlewicz​​

"I really loved this workshop." Jeff-2019
"I am deeply surprised. I good so much more than I expected. I am so glad I attended." Adrianna Ham​-2019
"I was wondering if I would ever be happy again. Now I'm convinced I will be. Thank you so much." Karin- 2019
"Not sure what to expect. So glad I came." Ellen  2018
"Thank you so very much." Jeana - 2018
"You do an excellent job of putting the Catholic faith at the center of your presentation." Tom Horford 2018
" Wonderful experience." Ed - 2018
"I was not sure I needed this, but as each week unfolded, I found out this was exactly what I needed." Rose - 2017
"Thank you so much. I'm  glad I came." Jennifer 2016
" Thank you John and Sandy for listening to God and working to create this ministry. Meg-2016 
"I cried the first night but looked forward to coming back. Very practical and comprehensive information I can relate to." Kristi 2016
"I found ways to acknowledge, express and share my thoughts and feelings with family and friends." Leon -2016

"I'm very grateful I attended. You both had such wonderful words and stories. You gave us lots of tools to help us along our journey." Felicia- 2016
"I was overall touched my this workshop and learned a lot about the grieving process. I learned everyone has a particular journey and the workshop gives tools to work on the healing. You're left with great hope, that down the road joy and peace await with the help of grace." Sr. Christine - 2016
"I feel this workshop is a good starting point for me to face my loss (child) and begin learning how to mourn. The workbook is a terrific reference for future needs. John and Sandy were very relatable." Maureen- 2016
"Even though son passed September 4, 2015, I feel as if I have reached the place of letting go of the grief and gaining the life of LIGHT!! The light of faith... Charlene- 2015
"I really appreciated the opportunity to spend time with other people who are all going through loss like we are.  John and Sandy's experiences
bring relevance and credibility to these sessions. Their faith and hope gives me confidence that I can get to a better place as time goes on.Dan-2015
  "I feel I have learned how to deal with the emotions I'm feeling and that there are steps T can take and things I can do that will help ease the pain when I feel hopeless. I think the Seven Intentions of Mourning will help bring healing." Rosanne-2015
  "Thank you so much. God is good to have led me to you this day."Barbara- 2015 
   "Talking with one another was very good." John -2015
   "Very good information. Love the faith base, as I feel faith is how we move through grief with hope." Rachel-2015
 "After today I understand I've been going the wrong way and will use this experience to start in a different direction." Emma -2015
"You have restored my hope. Thank you." Megan-2015
"I recommend this workshop to anyone. I love how faith is combined with the latest research." Phil-2015
"I loved this workshop...I will do it again." Mike-2015
"The positive comments continue to remind me that can there be life after loss." Gwyneth-2015
"It was very helpful." Janet-2015
"I came in alone and left with new friends. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart." Sandy-2015
"I am so grateful for this workshop and the blessings that John and Sandy are to the Catholic faith. Through their own experinece they have found God's plan for them in helping others. They are caring and compassionate to everyone." Vicky -2014
"Very helpful- affirmation of some the things I have done. It gave good information I can start or continue to do." Joyce-2014
"This was very helpful. It's been 3 1/2 years since I lost my husband and I never took the time to do any grief support. I am so thankful to have a solidly Catholic ministry." Nancy - 2014
John and Sandy did such a nice job of presenting the information from their own experience and making it personal." Mia-2014
"I was able to identify the work I need to do in my grief journey. Thank you for your great work, the Holy Spirit is so present in this program." Laura-2014

Grieving with Great Hope gave me great hope to see a light at the end of a dark tunnel." Rita-2014
"It was the best workshop ever." Rosanne-2014
"Thank you for creating and facilitating a safe place to experience and grow from sadness." Mary Belanger- St. Joseph Lake Orion- June 2014
"Several people told me how much it was worth the time. I totally agree and will recommend to others." Joyce-2014
"This workshop exceeded my expectations. I loved how the Catholic faith was woven into the latest research on grief and mourning. By dispelling the misconceptions of grief, our group was able to openly share their grief. I will put what I have learned into my professional counseling as well as my personal toolbox." Cherelle-2014
"I have begun to feel like I am coming out of feeling "stuck" in this process and filling up my time with work instead of just being in the silence and letting God speak to me. Thank you for your dedication to this ministry. I hope to encourage my grandfather to attend a future workshop. I will be there for him and love to return someday!" Rachel-2014
“You covered every area I needed help with.” Adele-2014
“This is my 1st workshop and I am so thankful my friend invited me. This is an amazing ministry and I pray for your continued commitment to it. Keep up the great work.” Lois Clark-2014